The Right Choice

When deciding to go ahead with your garage floor coating project, you have several choices. You can choose to do the job yourself (DIY), you can choose a painting contractor, or you can choose a floor coating specialty company.

Let’s start with the do it yourself approach. There are many factors to consider when taking on a garage floor coating project. First there is which product to choose. Once you have found a product your comfortable with, then we move onto the application stage. You then must determine how you are going to prepare the surface. This is the single most important and critical step in the process. Preparation is generally the most labor intensive part of the project. You can do an acid etch prep. This requires the use of a diluted form of muriatic acid. You will need protective equipment such as rubber boots, acid type respirator, rubber gloves, and eye wear protection. Once you’ve completed the acid etch then you need to neutralize the surface. Also, check for oil and grease deposits which will need a commercial degreasing compound. Now that the surface is ready for the coating follow the manufactures instructions for mixing and application. You can also do a mechanical grind which requires special grinding equipment and vacuum system. This can be rented for several hundred dollars from a local equipment rental company.

Our experience has shown that most do it yourself floor projects fail 90% of the time. This can be attributed to many factors including improper prep, application procedures, or poor product selection.

Choosing a painting contractor is an option. But most (some actually do have the ability, but its rare) painting contractors are either not equipped to do the job properly. Or, don’t have the knowledge in terms of product and or proper prep procedures to successfully install a long lasting professional floor coating system.

A company such as Garage Floor Coating of New Jersey only installs high end seamless epoxy floor systems. This is all we do time and time again. We have the very best proprietary product line. Proven preparation procedures and methods that not only allow us to install beautiful, long lasting floor systems, but also provide our customers with a lifetime warranty on our popular full chip systems.

The choice is yours. If you have the time, energy, and are looking for a challenge then the DIY approach may be for you. For the convenience, peace of mind, and guarantee of long lasting satisfaction, there is only one choice. A concrete floor coating contractor such as Garage Floor Coating of New Jersey.