Full-Flake Epoxy Flooring – Vintage Mica

Our Vintage Mica series is truly exceptional among our concrete floor coating solutions. With ten unique flake blends like Bedstone, Cobalt, and Gold Mine, it’s no wonder this series is so popular. The beauty of this system is not only skin-deep – it’s also incredibly durable. Our installation process involves meticulous concrete preparation, a thick epoxy primer coat, and a full-flake spread of your chosen Vintage Mica flake blend. On the second day of application, we ensure a flawless finish with two polyaspartic clear coats. This process results in flooring that is not only stunning but also incredibly strong and resistant to various types of damage, including moisture. Our guarantee reflects our commitment to providing the most resilient flooring possible – something that sets us apart from the competition.

Epoxy flooring Vintage Mica garage floor coating layered illustration

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