Full-Flake Epoxy Flooring – Earth Effects

Our Earth Effects floor finishing solutions are specifically designed to provide unparalleled protection for your concrete floors, regardless of whether it’s a garage, patio, walkway, driveway, basement, kitchen, or any interior or exterior commercial space. Similar to all our full-flake concrete coatings, our Earth Effects coating systems consist of a remarkably thick 100%-solids, moisture-mitigating primer coat (layer 1), a complete flake broadcast of your chosen mica-mineral blend (layer 2), and two layers of our clear 100%-solids polyaspartic (layers 3 and 4). These four-layered coating systems have a thickness of over 35 mils, which is nearly double that of any 1-day system. What sets us apart from the “1-day” competitors is our use of epoxy as the primer coat (polyureas should never be directly applied to concrete), the incorporation of mica mineral into the flake blends, and our application of two polyaspartic topcoats instead of just one. Our thick flooring not only offers a unique texture and reflective qualities but also delivers unmatched visual appeal and durability. Most importantly, we firmly stand behind our flooring, which is why we provide comprehensive warranty coverage against “moisture-related issues” and “hot tire transfer” without any hidden warranty exclusions in this regard.

Epoxy flooring Earth Effects garage floor coating layered illustration

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