Garage Floor Coating of New Jersey, LLC, hereby guarantees for the lifetime of your home ownership that our coating system will not delaminate (peel) from the surface to which it is applied.

  • All warranties apply to the original owner only (unless prior arrangements have been made and documented with Garage Floor Coating of New Jersey) and are non-transferable. The lifetime warranty also covers staining due to hot tires, oil, grease, gasoline, or transmission fluid.
  • Should any delamination occur during this period, Garage Floor Coating of New Jersey will repair the delaminated area(s) at no charge to the customer. Please be aware that GFC NJ cannot guarantee an exact color match on touch ups / repairs due to the factors beyond our control, but we will make every effort to match the color. A trip charge of $100 will be applied to the balance due if GFC NJ arrives at the customer’s residence and is unable to perform any installation / repair due to an unprepared or inaccessible residence.
  • Coating systems used with our 100% solids MME (Moisture Mitigating Epoxy) will come with a lifetime warranty for all moisture related issues. If your flooring coating system is not used with this product, the warranty does not apply.

Please note: Placing carpeting or mats that have a rubber/rubber-like material as backing, may discolor the floor or leave a residue on the floor. The warranty does not cover this kind of discoloration.


  1. Warranty does not apply to any defect caused by altercations or modifications of any kind.
  2. Warranty excludes abuse, misuse, neglect or accidents (e.g., scratches, dropped items, lack of cleaning, scrubbing/buffing machines, harsh chemical cleaning, etc.)
  3. Warranty excludes damage due to harsh chemicals such as battery acid, brake fluid, paint stripper, etc.
  4. Warranty excludes cracking in the underlying concrete as we cannot be held responsible for concrete that cracks due to heaving, shifting, popping, settling, or ground movement. However, we can fix the cracks at an additional charge, but we cannot guarantee that cracks will not reappear.
  5. GFC NJ does not warranty dulling of finish caused by customer negligence which includes but is not limited to lack of general/cleaning care, heavy use, harsh chemical cleaning, cleaning with abrasive material and/or chemicals, and the use of scrubbing / buffing machines.
  6. GFC NJ does not warranty against rust stains appearing from the coating, either on top or from within. Any rusty metal items need to be isolated from the floor coating to prevent staining.
  7. This document constitutes the entire understanding for the parties, and no other understanding, warranties, collateral, or otherwise, shall be binding unless in writing and signed by both parties.