Concrete Surface Profile: The Foundation of a Perfect Floor

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In New Jersey, where the climate goes from humid summers to snowy winters, it’s like two different planets. Those kinds of temperature shifts can greatly affect the condition of your garage floor, impacting its durability and appearance. Proper concrete preparation to create the proper concrete surface profile ensures your epoxy coating will last, providing a resilient and attractive finish that can handle New Jersey’s weather conditions.


The texture of the concrete surface, known as Concrete Surface Profile (CSP), is a key factor in the success of garage floor coatings. For the epoxy primer to bond effectively, the concrete substrate needs to have a roughness level of at least CSP 3. Chemical strippers, low-pressure water jetting, and acid etching produce CSPs below 2. These methods are insufficient for long-term adhesion and can lead to peeling.

Methods like sandblasting and rotomilling can create a CSP above 4, which is too rough for most residential applications. Diamond grinding is the preferred method, achieving a CSP between 3 and 4, which is ideal for epoxy coatings.


Propane grinders are particularly effective for this task. They offer greater power and efficiency compared to electric grinders, although they come with a higher initial cost. However, propane grinders save on labor and time, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run. They are also safer for indoor use, as they don’t require electricity, reducing the risk of electrical hazards in damp conditions. And, they emit near-zero exhaust, making them suitable for indoor environments.

They might not be all that accessible for anyone trying to DIY their garage floors, but prepping your concrete with grinders is a key element in allowing the epoxy coating to stick and last for years to come.

Invest in the Best

By investing in professional services for concrete preparation and epoxy coating, you can ensure your garage floor withstands New Jersey’s climate challenges. Professionals understand the local conditions and apply their knowledge to deliver superior results — this often takes time, but anything with real quality takes time. Don’t compromise on quality!